Who are we?

Birth Safe is a collective of women who want to help strengthen the amount of patient advocacy in maternal health care. We believe women should have a voice, and it is the duty of the service providers women use during and after pregnancy that should be championing that voice. We want to help share honest reviews so women can make more informed decisions when it comes to picking who they see for one of the most important moments of their life.

are you anti hospitaL/doctor?

NO! Not in the slightest. We believe women can and do have successful pregnancies in hospitals. We believe OB/GYNs provide excellent care for women all over the world. We believe in and stand by doctors who understand patient advocacy is paramount to every birth and pregnancy.

who is this website for?

Anyone who needs it. Sometimes after birth all we want to do is share about our birth experiences and we find people don’t want to listen. Birth Safe is a safe space to talk. We are here to listen. Those reviews and stories can be shared with other women who are looking for medical care. Your story can help another woman, or help change the system of a current practice.

Can a provider of reviewed services pay to bury a reviEw?

Never. Birth Safe is committed to the women who are brave enough to share their experience with us, and we will not betray that. Every grade we give is based off the pool of reviews we receive. If providers want a better grade, they can do a better job. 

What do you grade on?

The biggest chunk of the grade comes from the reviews. We also grade on things like:

  • Was the facility birth plan positive?

  • Was the facility and providers plus size friendly?

  • Was the facility LGBTQ+ friendly?

  • Was the facility friendly to people with disabilities?

  • How was the postpartum care of the clients?

  • How was the provider/facility at communicating with the clients?


Our team is working hard to research and create guides for you. We reach out to various medical professionals and professionals to make sure the information we get is accurate. The goal is to publish one guide a month. We will be announcing guides via our newsletter which you can sign up for here. If you have a guide you would like to request or pitch, please email us here


We are working to create resource lists for all major cities across the United States. It is a long process, but we promise we are working on it. Email us if you want your city listed, and please send us any resources you want to share! At this time we will not list any MLM, essential oil sales, etc. We have the right to not list a resource if we feel it is not appropriate to our site.