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Real reviews by real women

Women should feel safe during their birthing experience. From the first blue line on the pregnancy test to the recipe for babies first smash cake, BirthSafe will be there for you. Birth doesn’t always go to plan, but with the right providers women can be advocated for and advocate for themselves during the process. Birthsafe provides a safe space for women to review OB/GYN, midwives, doulas, clinics and hospitals. Whether its baby #4 and you had the best birth yet, or things didn’t go to plan, we are here. Every review can help steer a woman to the right provider for herself on her birthing journey. Providers can never pay for a grade or pay to have one taken down. Birthsafe offers an ever growing list of guides, for breastfeeding, cesarean recovery and more. We also offer city wide lists of different services both during pregnancy and postpartum. Birthsafe is here for all moms. Its takes a village, maybe yours is online.